Tuesday, 17 January 2017

TPT Featured Author - Me!

Advertising Works!  

This TpT newsletter feature has resulted in breaking my best month's sales record, has added many new followers, has moved me up almost 1000 spots in TpT ranking, and it is only the middle of January!  The bigger change is that I am inspired again!  I have already created two new items and am working hard on a very comprehensive course presentation, which I may be teaching for semester two! I should know by the end of this week. I hope it all falls into place.  So much for retirement!

TPT Newsletter #392
One month

These graphs are created by The Colorado Classroom, and allows viewers to see their own stats, and those of other TpT stores.  I check here frequently!  I learn so much here!  If you like this link, do let Brittany know you where there!
One year
I became a premier seller in April 2015, and my store growth has been steady, but I see how promotion is crucial to growth.  Even though I have a facebook page, Twitter, InstagramWordPress, Blogger, Pinterest, and Google+, I have not utilized these very well, at all!  Looking at the TpT traffic stats they lead me to believe most views are directly from TpT, with Pinterest a distant second and Facebook third.  So, where should I devote my time?  I still think it is in creating new lessons.  I enjoy that much more than posting, here, there and everywhere.  I don't know how some sellers do it all!  Anyway, slow and steady is how I work, and so, I will happily carry on.  Sales and feedback tell me I am doing something good.  Yeah!    

Canada 150

I am so excited about Canada turning 150 years young!  I have already ordered my free Park Pass and will visit Haida Gwaii this summer!  I am SO EXCITED!  This is a bucket list item for me!  My camera will record every amazing scene.

What an amazing history Canada has had so far.  I started to research the Canada 150 website and found that much of it had to do with our National Parks.  I spent a week researching, reading, making notes, and then finally putting it all into a Word Search and an Internet Search document with the package called  Canada 150.  I have priced it at 150 cents!  Get it?  Clever?


I still want to add Park Birds and Mammals sections, as some are identified as being at risk.  This form of learning is important for our children to understand the purpose of our parks and what is at stake if we don't manage it; they will be the protectors of this great land in the future.

I certainly enjoyed making this, but I enjoyed learning about my country even more.  Did you know that the National Parks cover only 3% of our country's land mass?  The worksheet will ask you things you will find interesting, once you look up the answer!  This is great Canadian trivia you can impress your friends with!  Enjoy!  

Sunday, 15 January 2017


Happy New Year!  Do you have a New Year's resolution?  I do . . .

I have not be very good at writing a blog; terrible, in fact.  I spend SO much time on the computer, it really is nearing addiction level.  Between TpT, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and a Blog, I just can't do it all!  Did I forget one?  Oh yes, Instagram!  That one I'm even worse at!

And so January started with Teacher Pay Teachers putting me as the feature Teacher-Author in their newsletter!  How exciting!

Well, talk about renewed energy and inspiration!  I've already added two new products, reached record sales (and am only halfway through January!), and have new followers.  I needed this!  Spring cleaning will have to wait!  

I promise I will try harder with my blog!  Will bloglovin help?


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